My 20 Essential WordPress Plugins – And what they do!

20 Essential WordPress plugins and what they do


Greetings, fabulous Creatives!


You may have noticed that I’ve been AFB (away from Blogging) for the last while –

well, I can finally share the reason with you – myself and my loved one (plus our

pretty kitties) are about to go on a world class adventure – we’re moving to the UK!



In the run up to moving myself and my biz to the UK, I’m having fun creating and

releasing some free content to help other entrepreneurs get as far as I have, starting

with this uber helpful video featuring my top 20 Essential WordPress Plugins, and

most importantly, what it is they do!



So, if you need to learn about plugins, here’s the chance to have a sneaky peek at

what I use in this very website!




Got any questions about any of the above plugins?



Got any other questions about your WordPress Website?



Leave a comment and I’ll fix up a video to suit your needs!



Until next time! 



Grace xXx

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