People are Awesome

It’s the last month of 2014, and everyone is getting ready to wrap up and wind down for Christmas next week, followed by a sparkly new year celebration.

In light of 2014 ending, and 2015 on it’s way, I wanted to focus my very first blog on a big warm loving lesson that I’ve been so grateful to learn this year, thanks to starting my very own business.

People are awesome.

This time last year, I would not have agreed with present me. In fact, I probably would have farted in present me’s general direction and told her to piss off.

This time last year, I was in a very bad place. I had no job and just seemed to be stuck in a cycle of negative manifestation. Things were tough, the weather was bad, money was scarce, our local animal rescues were over crowded with unwanted and abused animals, an old lady browsing in the local charity shop turned to me to tell me how fat I’d gotten, just for kicks. Due to questions like, ‘Why haven’t you got a job?’ I began to feel like people were judging my life’s worth on the facts that I was unemployed and overweight.

I began to rather dislike people and I began to plot various ways to avoid them.

Then something rather nice happened. I realized I wanted to start my own business and I needed help with it. At first, I dreaded having to reach out to other people.

However, I came to suddenly understand that there were so many wonderful, sweet, caring people who were willing to share with me their knowledge (both for free and for ROCK BOTTOM PRICES), in an effort to genuinely help me succeed. It blew me away. These people wanted to HELP ME. The only thing they wanted from me was for me to help myself.

little heart


little heart

Slowly, I came to realize that not everyone is an arse-tit, that cranky old ladies have their own issues, and that if someone wants to judge me by my weight or employment status, then that says more about them than about me.

I realized that yes, the animal rescues were full to the brim with abused animals, but they were also full with loving rescuers who gently and carefully tended to each animal’s needs.

I realized how lucky I am to have a roof over my head, someone sweet to love and two tiny rescued kitty cats to hold dear.

So, I’m gonna go right ahead and finish up 2014 with a warm thought which I hope will light my way for many, many years to come.

People are awesome.

People do good things.

People can change the world.

And that includes you, so don’t you forget it, you extremely gorgeous person, you! ; )



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Marriane Cantwell taught me

Jenny Webtech Wonder Woman

Star Khechara

There are actually WAY more fab female entrepreneurs who I’ve discovered and who  have helped me out even in the last week, and in the new year I’m going to do some fab features on them too, to share their awesomeness with all you guys.

Until then, happy holidays to everyone, and a very happy new year! 

Grace  xXxX