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Create Powerful Written Content

Create Powerful Written Content

create powerful written content heartToday I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about creating powerful written content that lights a spark in your audience.

But before I get started, your first step in learning is watching this video below (it’s not written content, I know, but just bear with me, there’s method to my madness).

create powerful written content heart



Overall, how did that video make you feel?

Did you run through a series of different emotions, like I did?

The above video was created by PurpleFeather – a UK based Online Content Specialists business, consisting of a handful of freelance copywriters.

‘The Power of Words’ went viral – and you can see why. It’s genius is palpable. And when I began watching it, my instant reaction was to begin bawling like Kim Kardashian over the situation of the main character (I’m very sensitive to homeless issues, as I know you probably could be too, what with you being one of my heart centered, loving readers an’ all!).

create powerful written content heart

Create Powerful Written Content

Homelessness makes me “Kim Mad”. – ( gif from Giphy/E!)

create powerful written content heartSo, after that little mascara ruining fiasco had run it’s course, I realized that I was blown away by this short film’s direct and simple message.

I was also blown away by the overall delivery of the concept – what I mean by that is, I was struck by how a (once) small content creation company had produced a piece of content –

Smaller Star Blog

– that so clearly and deeply spoke to their audience about how what they do is so important. 

Smaller Star Blog

create powerful written content heart


  • So – how can you create a sense of clarity and emotional attachment to your brand and content?
  • How can you achieve or illicit an emotional response from your audience, especially if you’re relying on written content more than visual content, like above?
  • How can you make sure that every bit of content you release speaks to your audience and / or translates the value of what it is you’re offering to them?

Before I share with you my little written content creation secret, first things first.

I would suggest that if having ideas is something you’re amazeballs at but in general writing is not your thing and you’ve got a bit of a budget to work with, don’t waste time faffing about, call in a professional! 

recommend Nikki Elledge Brown. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t had the pleasure of working with her, I just get crazy fairy sparkly eyes every time I see her work, and have heard fabulous, wonderful things about her.

Create Powerful Written Content Nikki

Click this image to zoom zoom to Nikki’s site!

However – If you don’t already have a magical copywriter like Nikki or the Purplefeather crew at your disposal, then let me suggest this exercise to you:

Smaller Star Blog


  • Next time you’re creating important and visible written content (i.e. a blog, a sales page or a Free Opt-In), first write down exactly what it is you want to say to your audience, in plain wording.

Don’t think too long or hard about the whole issue, just get down on paper what it is you want to communicate.

  • Then, think back to the above video, and say to yourself – ‘Can I say the same thing, only differently?’
  • Next, make a list of at least 20 different ways of saying what you want to say, but in a different way, and prepared to be surprised by what you come up with!
  • Once you’ve created these 20 different takes on what you want to say, choose your favourite four, because now it’s time to bounce them off others. This is a step that a lot of entrepreneurs tend to leave out, due to often living in closed entrepreneur work bubbles. Every now and again, we need to step outside our little comfort zone bubbles and share what we’ve made.

So, jump into your favourite Facebook support and mastermind groups and seek feedback from other awesome and perky entrepreneurs.

Oh, and another little tip I have is to also look for feedback from those who aren’t especially involved in entrepreneurial activities. Why? Because they won’t be stuck in it as deep as you and your business buddies are. They’ll see it all much clearer than you. Often entrepreneurs don’t agree with me in relation to this step; but guess what, people who aren’t entrepreneurs use the English language too! Neato! 😀 


Mailchimp Magic Sales page the modern creative's resource


And remember – if you’re wondering just what the best  way to get YOUR content into other people’s inbox is, consider  MailChimp. It’s what I use to send out my own content of  all  kinds and I love it and highly recommend it. MailChimp’s Forever Free  plan allows you to send up to 12,000 emails a month  to up  to 2000 subscribers! Smashing!

 Terrified of Tech? If you’re worried that MailChimp could be  too techy for you, fear not.

 You can join me and my other lovely students on my  MailChimp Magic course, and get yourself sorted, without  tech speak or business babble! Sweet! 

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Also -Quick Question – how does your biz look?

online graphic design course

Is it as Spiffy, polished and  as you’d like it to be? No?

Well….In the next two months, I’ll be launching my comprehensive course for online entrepreneurs who want to handle their own graphic design.

Smaller Star Blog

So, If you’re yearning to learn:

  • How to style your WordPress Website and optimize your images for smooth online sailing
  • how to put together smashing eye catching visual content like mine, no Photoshop required!
  •  generally everything I’ve learned over the last two years about beautifying my biz…..

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Talk to you next time! 

create powerful written content heart

Grace XxX