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Hard sell: a method of advertising or selling that is direct, forceful, and insistent;high-
pressure salesmanship (opposed to soft sell ).

Soft sell:

a method of advertising or selling that is quietly persuasive, subtle, and

indirect (opposed to hard sell ).

So – you’ve got an amazing audience, who you love and adore, and much to your delight and gratitude, the feeling is mutual. You’ve got Facebook Fans, and Twitter buds, and you’ve worked bloomin’ hard to connect with them.

Now comes an earth shaking, life changing time for you – the time to sell.

A time to launch a project that you’ve been pouring your heart and soul into for months. A chance to show the world just what you can do and the worth that’s in it. And you’re jazzed, because your already existing loyal audience are going to be first to get the goods.

So why are you you dragging your feet about blasting into launch? There’s this nagging feeling in your tummy, a nervous drumming of fingers on your keyboard. What’s up, buttercup? Why haven’t you started shouting about your new course or product from the roof tops?

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The answer is simple: you’re afraid to sell. And you’re not alone.

By the way, if your reaction to the above sentence is ‘Oh my GOD how dare you tell me what I’m afraid of, you sailor-mouthed, gimpy-headed Irish git!’ (or something similar) well hunny, I’ve got news for you, a selling nerve has just been stuck. It’s okay though, stick with me, I’ve reached deep inside and dug up some wonderful wisdom that’s going to get the both of us past our fear of spamming our beautiful audience with our hard sell. It’s going to move us towards our ethical selling nirvana, and it’s three fold. I call it:

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Drop the guilt, See the Truth, and Find A Way.


1. Drop the guilt.

When it comes to my business, I set it up on a tiny income, in order to create an awesome income for myself to help me live the life I’ve always dreamed of. That life I’ve always dreamed of is a life of growth, great adventure and total financial independence and freedom. The aim of my business is to help others achieve exactly the same, on their own tiny income, and their own terms.

So I suppose, in essence, charging my audience for content to help them do just that, is something I find hard to do.

In my mind, it’s not in line with my why I set up my business.

However, I need to let go of the idea that I’m taking without giving. I need to realise that when I’m providing a product which meets my target market’s needs at an affordable price, I’m making quite a positive impact on their growth, both life and biz wise.

So, with all that in mind, I need to drop the guilt, and if you feel it too, so do you.

First, you need to isolate the exact thoughts and beliefs around your business and selling to your audience which are causing you guilt. Then expunge that bad ass shiz in a healthy way. Why? Because at the end of the day, we’re running businesses, not trying to get 1st place at the ‘who feels most guilty’ egg and spoon race. We are worth SO much more than that.

Which brings me to my next point;


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2. See the truth: you’re offering value.

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Realize the Value and Worth of what you have to offer.

Believing in your product, it’s overall worth and value, is something that you NEED to start doing.

You need to be able to stand up and sing off the reasons why YOUR product or service is going to be a valuable asset to your target audience. This can help you in SO many ways – physiologically it’ll help you build up a strong sense of love and worth in relation to your products, and practically it can help you do things like easily point out the benefits of taking your course at a moment’s notice or in a planned public setting, or even help you write an amazing sales page.

Take a look at the sales page for my most recent course, Mailchimp Magic.

It’s not too shabby, right? In it, you’ll not just see what the customer gets from purchasing the course itself, but you also see what value it has to offer to the customer.

I will admit, it took me a while and a bit of pushing mentally to sit my ass down and write about how awesome something I just created is, but as unnatural as it felt to be blowing my own trumpet, I simply knew it was a step I had to take. I made myself do it by promising I only had to do it ONE sales page at a time.

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So, for ONE SALES PAGE ONLY I had to do two things:

1: Define how what I have to offer is valuable and

2: Communicate that clearly, with my target audience in mind.

Did it feel unnatural at first? Damn right it did.

Did I eventually enjoy it, hell yeah! And I’m totally okay with that.

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SO – I challenge you to find the value in your own products, courses, mentor ship, coaching, or whatever it is that you do, no matter what the price tag is. Get out a piece of paper and a pen, and list 20 notes of value about what you’re selling. If you can add more the list, excellent.

If you can’t get to 20, here’s an idea: Go back to your beta tester’s testimonials and see what THEY found most valuable / interesting / fun / enticing about your course. If you’ve already sold similar items/ services, get back in touch with your customers and clients and find out just exactly what THEY found was of value to them.

Once again, remember: You need to do this, this is not a luxury or a frivolous act, this is a necessity. You need to be able to stand up and tell people why your course is valuable. You KNOW why it is, now just put that into words.

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3. Find a Way – to sell (that suits you – i.e. that satisfies your ethics & morals, and leaves you feeling satisfied, and minus that sleezy ‘ick’ sales feeling).

Okay, so here’s a cheeky secret; If you haven’t already guessed by now, this blog is my soft sell for my Mailchimp Magic course!

Yes! That’s right? Are you feeling duped? Lied to? Like you’ve been played and now we’ll never be friends again and I’m off your Christmas list? Maybe you are. Or maybe you’re not too upset about it all, because even while I’m selling to you, I’m still providing you with FREE and valuable content and information which you can apply to your own business to watch it grow.

That’s how I like to sell and to write / share in general. I like to make sure that my audience get something of value from everything I do. Why? Because that’s what I’d like to receive from a business myself, if it was me who was reading a blog or opening a newsletter.

I also think adding value to every bit of content I produce, free or not, is an amazing way to run my business. So that’s what I try to do with each and every piece of content I release.

So; that’s my way. What about you? If you don’t blog (which you should totally consider doing btw, the world needs to hear your voice!) then you could always consider a sweet give away, or early bird price for your existing subscribers.

You could turn a hard sell into a soft sell by offering a set of educational emails featuring amazing free content, and then a link to your product at the end of it all.

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I challenge you to sit your butt down and list 10 ways in which you can sell to your clients, without feeling like you’re doing them wrong. If you’re not sure if your selling ideas are icky or inspiring, just put yourself in the shoes of your potential client or customer as you read through each selling method. Choose the methods that make you feel free and non-pressured.

P.S. – here are some hard sell strategies that aren’t so hard – keep your eyes open in groups on Facebook for those who actually need what you’re selling, then simply link your product under their comment, suggestion that they check it out and simply see if it’s for them. Simples.

Now get out there and share your amazing products and courses with the world. We need them!

Grace : )  xXx

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You better work, Bitch.

you better work - The Modern Creative's Resource Blog

So, early in January, I’d come to a juncture in my life, where I was full of energy. I was ready to blow the top off my beautiful new business, ready to bounce gleefully into the entrepreneurial world with a grin on my face and a shimmy in my butt. This was my time. 

My business plan had been created, my flexible work day designed to suit my needs. I was ready to change my life and step up to that plate, like I’ve always dreamed.


However. I then made a terrifying discovery.

I realized that now, I gotta work, bitch.


I’m not a mind reader, so obviously I have no idea what y’all are thinking, but I’d like to imagine it’s something along the lines of, “Well what did you expect? Did you think your business would just magically build itself? Or perhaps, like many others, you anticipated that Oprah would post you tiny business pixies that would sprinkle fairy dust everywhere and unicorn-fart your work into existence?”

little heart


Thanks, Mama Oprah! <3

little heart

Or perhaps this could have crossed your mind, “But Grace, you’re finally working on your own business! Every bit of what you’re doing is creative and fun! You can do all the things! Why you no want to do all the things?”

Oh, and if it was something like “Why on EARTH do you have to use such foul language?” Well honey, you are in the wrong place. This here be authentic – learn about yourself -break down your barriers- pirate language territory, arrrrrgh!

Anyway, you’d be totally entitled to all those thoughts above. Heck, I’ve obviously had them myself.


The point is, I immediately noticed that there was something not quite right with the way I felt about getting to work, so I set out on an epic journey to discover just why I didn’t want to knuckle down and work hard for the money, so hard for it honey.


My little adventure began with a pen and paper. I sat myself down, wrote the word WORK in an adorably cute fluffy speech bubble in the middle of my page, then around it, I began to write or draw whatever popped into my head.

It was by doing that simple little exercise, I happily discovered that my predisposition to work, which was now rearing it’s ugly little head, didn’t mean I was a lazy ho-bag (hurrah!). It was all just a matter of me having an unhealthy definition of work, which I’ve created for myself over the years. And when I say ‘created’ I mean, ‘chiseled into every bone on my body.’

Britney Spears

Britney gif from

My little adventure into the inner working’s of Grace’s mind, showed me that my thoughts on work have been less like the sex-tastic britney gif above, and more like the Cindy-esque image below:

Cinderella image from

Cinderella image from

My thoughts and beliefs around the whole concept of work, when I exposed them to the light, horrified me to the core. They were far from good – they were very, very bad.

realized I had a set of ugly pre-defined beliefs built up around what it is to ‘work’, based on the horrible experiences I’ve had from shoving myself into ill fitting jobs not suited to me. Not to mention picking up the meaning of work cultivated by others in my growing and learning environment as a child. That’s right, I was a child once, before I turned 30.

Check it out below – here are a couple of things I jotted down around my pretty little page during that excercise:

little heart


little heart


little heart



WORK – Is something that people (like me) are forced to do, to keep a roof over their heads and food on their plate. And rather terrifyingly, it’s seen as respectable and ‘the norm’ to work in a mind numbing job in modern (western) society. 

‘Work hard, reach the top.’ ‘There is no substitute for hard work’ How many times have you heard phrases like that?’ ‘Hard work is what we have to pay for a meaningful, happy, life’. That last one just gives me the shivers.


WORK – is responsible for that crazy time I got burnout. *I feel it’s important to add – that IS a belief that I held in the past. I am now well aware that GRACE is responsible for that time Grace got burnout. Working all day without taking a break, eating or going to the toilet is most surely a bad idea, no matter how much you want to progress in your career. Believe me, I have learned my lesson well. These days I make sure my workflow is more efficient and give myself proper self care by just having all my meals and breaks on the toilet. JUST KIDDING OMG!! There is all sorts of hygiene problems within that last sentence. I do not do that. I give myself proper breaks, nourishing meals and wonderful self care (even when I don’t want to. Especially when I don’t want to).


WORK – is responsible for killing talented young people all around the world, but especially in Japan, where they actually have a word for it – Karōshi – which (according to wikipedia) literally translates into ‘Death From Overwork’. I discovered all about it after I suffered burnout in 2011 and started to wonder if I was the only young person who felt that work was killing them. I have a really huge love for Asian cultures and people, and was gutted to discover stories like that of Mita Diran and Fujie Sugiyama and her son Takanori. 

After reading their stories, and having suffered burnout that did temporary damage to my short term memory, caused me to lose an unhealthy amount of weight very quickly and forced me to take a whole year off of any kind of work, I felt extremely lucky that I got out of that job when I did.


WORK – in the past, has sucked the soul out of me and left me feeling inauthentic, exhausted and icky. Work isn’t work unless it’s painful, long, boring, or depletes me in some way, generally both emotionally and physically.


WORK  – is responsible for me attaining money, which I need, but I’ll only get a lot of money, if I put my self care on the back burner, and put all my energy into working, to produce good work.


Not so good, right? I realized I didn’t have ANY positive beliefs around work. Not good!

So. I decided, that was it, I was going to change my whole mindset when it came to work. Why? Because all of the above is just NOT the kind of toxic mindset I want to be bringing with me into my new biz.

And lets face it, we it comes to work, I can’t escape it. None of us can! It’s something I’ll always have to do, and I just couldn’t expect myself to throw my heart and soul into it when I realised the way I felt about it (see above!).

I couldn’t expect myself to reach success with my above beliefs about work, so I decided to shift my mind set and make ‘work’ work for me.

So, after spending some time thinking about what I’d like work to represent to me, here’s what I came up with:


WORK – the consistent enjoyable actions which lead to completion of a goal or plan.

WORK – a way in which I can contribute my magic to the world, while encouraging myself and others to grow.

Work – the awesome thing I choose to do in between self care and fun.


Much better!

And what about you? How do you feel about work? Have you got any icky, self-limiting, punishing beliefs around work that’s stopping you from reaching your goals… stopping you from taking care of yourself? Stopping you from giving yourself an awesome pat on the back for how far you’ve gotten today?

How about packing your knapsack, and going on a little adventure like I did? Who knows what you may discover! 

Have you discovered some limiting beliefs already? If you’d like to share, just leave them in the comments below! Who knows who you could be helping get over their own toxic beliefs?


So that’s my adventure! To remind myself of how far I’ve come, before I sit down to start a beautiful days work, I look at myself in the mirror, give that young lady a cheeky wink and proclaim, ‘Now get to work, bitch!’ 😀


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