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Create Powerful Written Content

Today I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned about creating powerful written content that lights a spark in your audience. But before I get started, your first step in learning is watching this video below (it’s not written content, I know, but just bear with me, there’s method to my madness).   S0 […]

Are you afraid to sell? Well, you’re not alone.

Hard sell: a method of advertising or selling that is direct, forceful, and insistent;high- pressure salesmanship (opposed to soft sell ). Soft sell: a method of advertising or selling that is quietly persuasive, subtle, and indirect (opposed to hard sell ). So – you’ve got an amazing audience, who you love and adore, and much to your delight and gratitude, the feeling is mutual. You’ve got Facebook Fans, and Twitter buds, and you’ve worked bloomin’ hard to connect with them. Now comes an earth shaking, life changing time […]

You better work, Bitch.

So, early in January, I’d come to a juncture in my life, where I was full of energy. I was ready to blow the top off my beautiful new business, ready to bounce gleefully into the entrepreneurial world with a grin on my face and a shimmy in my butt. This was my time.  My business plan had […]

How to run your Online Biz in a Crisis

So, the last two weeks have been agony for an introvert like myself. Out of the blue, two weeks ago, I found out I was living in a house that had actually been up for sale on the market all along (who knew? Not me!). By the following week I found out that a buyer […]

7 Business Freesources

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT  My Business Freesources – The January- February 2015 Edition! This week I’m going to share with you some of my FAVOURITE free resources which have already caught my eye this year! Yes that’s right, I found all these bad boys since the start of January 2015! Most of them […]

Do you feel like an impostor in your Biz?

Yep, I used to suffer from HUGE bouts of impostor syndrome. Don’t know what that is? Impostor Syndrome is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. When a person is experiencing  impostor syndrome, they feel like a complete and utter pretender. A fake. Their self worth plummets. They feel like they’re not good enough, they shouldn’t be here among other contemporaries who they […]

Bitch Please, I’m only Human.

5 reasons this businesswoman is embracing being imperfect (and you could too!) Here’s something that’s been coming up for me again and again recently; the amazingly ridiculous expectations of perfection often applied to us by ourselves and others, just because we run a business. A couple of weeks ago, I was creating some graphics for […]

People are Awesome

It’s the last month of 2014, and everyone is getting ready to wrap up and wind down for Christmas next week, followed by a sparkly new year celebration. In light of 2014 ending, and 2015 on it’s way, I wanted to focus my very first blog on a big warm loving lesson that I’ve been so grateful […]