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My Business Freesources – The January- February 2015 Edition!

This week I’m going to share with you some of my FAVOURITE free resources which have already caught my eye this year! Yes that’s right, I found all these bad boys since the start of January 2015! Most of them I’ve already shared with you and posted to my Facebook page, however I thought it’d be SUPER handy to pop them into one big ‘ol blog so that you can add this page to your favourites and pop back whenever you like to re-discover them again and again. Brill!

So without further a do, feast your eyes on these bad boys!

1). From Claire Mitchell of The Girls Mean Business:

six free tools I use in my business

image from www.thegirlsmeanbusiness.com

A lot of these are also featured in my FREE EBOOK, (shameless plug!), however there are a few here that I’m about to try for the very first time myself! Great stuff Claire!


2). 300 Awesome Free things (for business owners)


A crazy cool list of 300 awesome Free Things which business owners will find extremely useful! From www.medium.com   and also just to note, I discovered this little gem via The Girl’s Mean Business’ Facebook page.


3). The Perfect Facebook Dimension Cheat Sheet

Just click the link above to be taken to the Perfect Facebook Dimension Cheat Sheet! (Posted originally by Post Planner). I’ll be using this baby quite often, I’ll wager! It has all the dimensions for absolutely every piece of media you can customize on Facebook, from your cover to Facebook ads and more! Talk about a time saver!


4.) Break Through Your Money Blocks by Rosie of One Man Band Accounting

Break-Through-Your-Money-BlocksI absolutely LOVED the above article by Rosie of One Man Band Accounting on how to Break through your Money Blocks. Just click on the image above to be taken to her fab wisdom.


5). The Non-Techie Guide to SEO for Bloggers by Regina at ByRegina.com


Visit Regina’s site for this one post about SEO – find yourself staying there for everything else. This woman is the fucking SHIZ and is so generous with handing out her vast knowledge about online business to everyone, that it’s just unbelievable. Go to her site, swim around in her free resources, and tell her Grace from the Modern Creative’s Resource sent you. She doesn’t actually know who I am, but like, I’d like her to. Business Girl crush!


6). Five Fonts you need to Stop Using – (and 9 better swap-ins) by Gemma of Jane & Philbert.


For me, Gemma of Jane & Philbert was the lady to go to talk to about my faffin’ fonts. She helped me see the font light, and now I use two beautiful fonts to get my lovely lady words across to you! She is wise in her ways!


7) Twitter Analytics


 It’s come to my attention that a lot of people who use Twitter aren’t actually aware of Twitter Analytics. It’s pretty much like Google Analytics, except it’s for Twitter! If you want to keep an eye on how your Twitter marketing / general engagement is going, I’d recommend signing up! It’s free! I love free things! Who doesn’t? And they’re even BETTER when they’re actually useful! You can sign up for Twitter Analytics at https://analytics.twitter.com/


So that’s it! That’s where my super amazeballs freesource mini-list is at right now, for the months of January to February! I’ll have some new awesome Freesources for you at the end of next month, so keep your eyes peeled!

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